The killings in Jos have become a concern to most Nigerians. People are worried, scared for their lives. Children who would have grown up to be the Nation’s leaders have been killed in cold blood. We have had enough. We Jos want peace.

We #joswantpeace is a movement of the Nigerian youth, coming together for the peace of  Jos and of Nigeria as a whole. According to Fatihi Agbaje, one of the visoneers of the movement “27.01.11 the 10,000 man march is imperative. the time is now we will march we will speak we will be heard, fear isn’t what is necessary now but faith and courage”

I want to implore you to join the cause. On twitter, use the hashtag #joswantpeace to mobilize and also speak up about Jos and the movement in general.  Come 27.01.11, we will march for the peace of Jos.

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