Watch the breathtaking opening performance by Nigeria’s Award winning Soul Singer, Nikki Laoye at the 2014 Headies Award Ceremony which held at Eko Hotel, Lagos last year.
A dual opening by Nikki Laoye and ragga artist, Cynthia Morgan, the performance received rave reviews and trending moments on twitter as the audience (both in the auditorium and live stream viewers) tweeted and cheered the captivating presentation which stood out for its creative ensemble of video, dance and props.
The Performance featured a major dance routine produced by choreographer Temisan Ikomi and Alien Nation Dance Team while the Music Arrangement for the performance was recorded and arranged by Nikki Laoye, who has exhibited her production skills once again.
Additional Clap production was created by producer, Papi J and choreographed by top female choreographer, Kaffy, who also directed the intro video and created the lifesized number props – 1, 2, 3.
The entire production was styled by Nikki Laoye with its unique High School Concept with ties, school uniforms and pop socks…a total package of fun, dance and entertainment by the hardworking, creative artiste named Nikki Laoye.
Enjoy the performance provided by the Headies Media team.


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