Christian Newswire/ — Aneko Press, publisher for missionaries and ministries, unveiled their new website today. The updated website is streamlined and focuses on books the company published.

Aneko Press, a traditional Christian publishing company, publishes and distributes books and ebooks in the United States and around the world. Their ministry printing program is used by ministries which give away books for free. Also of interest is their prison book program that sends books to prisons.

“It’s a privilege publishing books for those who are serving the Lord,” says President Jeremiah Zeiset. “Their writing is inspirational and educational, and the work they are doing in sharing the gospel is bringing genuine peace to the hearts of readers around the world. We are looking forward to the future, which is bright for everyone who loves and serves the Lord.”

Authors interested in submitting their manuscripts to Aneko Press can learn more Bloggers interested in reviewing Christian books are invited to join blog tours at

Aneko Press is an imprint owned by Life Sentence Publishing, LLC


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