A million things to do a million places to go and you’re late for your first meeting! Mentally you tick off the chores you’ve ignored for a few days…. the dishes that need washing, the floors that need scrubbing and a million other things around the house that need fixing. You’re probably thinking Saturday=sanitation day but Saturday comes around and all you can think about is doing absolutely nothing or just hanging out. Here are a few tips to keeping the house clean by spreading chores over a period of time instead of doing it all in a particular day.

  • First of all, you don’t want to leave all your chores till Saturday so spread them over the week attach specific chores for certain days depending on the activities of the day and how much time it’ll take to accomplish the chore
  • One chore for a day for example; Mondays could be dedicated to kitchen, Tuesdays to bathrooms and so on… this does not mean that other parts of the house will be completely neglected spills and dishes should be cleaned up immediately.
  • Identify which tasks absolutely have to be done, which ones should be done and which ones would be nice to get done. Work on them in that order and forget about all others.
  • You can keep your house cleaner by preventing outdoor dirt from getting in. Use doormats and boot scrapers as needed. Sweep paths leading to your home.  If you have the space, set up a mudroom, where wet and soiled clothing and boots can be removed and stored. To reduce airborne dust, regularly change the filters in your air conditioners following the manufacturer’s instructions. If you have severe allergies, hire a professional yearly to clean heating and ventilation ducts to reduce dust and moulds.

(Source: Domestic cleaners Brisbane Southside).
Hopefully these tips will help you, as they have me, to use Saturday for more than just cleaning. This plan requires you be faithful to the cause in order for you to truly enjoy the benefits; If you try my tips and you still can’t manage to keep a clean house, make an online booking with Maid2Match Gold Coast. The important thing is that you have a clean house and stay healthy.

By Isoken Edogun

Image gotten from http://www.acfw.com/blog/?p=364

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