I have been thinking about ‘growth’ a lot lately; which was sparked by a daily devotional that I read not too long ago.
Growth is a very important aspect of life, and without it, you can’t move forward basically and it is very important to sit down and just think of your life.

As a Christian, spiritual growth is number one for me because I intend to not play with my salvation (even though I don’t believe it’s in my hands because God declares that what He has started in me, He will surely finish).

So basically, I think it’s very possible to know a lot and not grow; because people and I myself have failed in the area of the application of knowledge in life real life situations. The things I read (with discernment because not all doctrine is right so be careful what you take in), I sometimes tend to forget after sometime which I get convicted for because it is like treating God’s word like any normal thing, but at the end of the day, it is something that is…so precious and…so important…I can’t put it into words.

What I’m trying to say is that we need to sit down and through God’s help, identify the areas in which we fall and know is not of God. This may be the ‘littlest’ areas like the look you give people, pre-assumptions of people (in which you don’t give people a chance because you have already placed a judgement on them), selfishness with food even (lol), and other areas that we classify as ‘petty’ but they are just results of the condition of your heart. This process may imply that you may have to dwell on the same scripture or teaching for like a week or so until that area is finally changed and you’re reformed. I am not saying that you should ignore daily teachings by the way.

Defeat the bad areas in your life and you will grow because you would be more of the likeness of Christ. Do so by prayer, reading of the Word and even through the help of friends that sincerely care for you. For example, if you have some kind of anger issue, work on it with the Lord so that, if an anger-provoking situation occurs, you don’t become a fool and do something stupid. Make sure that ‘bad’ area in you is destroyed because sometimes we can just cover it without actually getting rid of it; so it comes back to haunt us.

However, remember that we are not righteous because of ourselves or the godly acts we do, but we are righteous through the death of Christ. No amount of godliness can match up, so a relationship with Him is to be maintained. Remember that your actions are products of your heart.

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