Everyone has their obsession, to some its shoes, to others its clothes and to the elite few (just joking), it is bags.  Darlings, a bag is not a bag. A bag can be the statement piece that makes your outfit; a bag could also be the piece that destroys it. Picking out a bag is not a random act done in a hurry but something that takes time and you need to put a lot of thought into it .

In a bid to find out what ladies wanted from their handbags, I interviewed a few YADA readers and here is their response;

Tope says she needs a bag that is big enough but not too big, the kind of bag that has a top handle but she can carry it on shoulder. She prefers a zip rather than a button closing the bag and would want a bag that doesn’t have really long straps. Most importantly, she says it’s got to look good.


Sadie says the bag needs to be big and really well compartmentalised. The strap length would depend on whether the bag was for everyday use or just dressy occasions. It must also be stunning.

I know everyone has their own idea of the perfect bag but I believe that there are bags that every woman needs in her wardrobe.

The big black bag

It is functional and it looks great.  A big black bag is an absolute necessity for a woman on the go. You can put all you need in it. It looks great with almost any outfit so you will not have to change your bag every day, especially when you are in a rush. The beauty of a great bag,  in my opinion,  is in the detail; I love bags that use real leather rather than other inferior leather that end up peeling in the Nigerian sun. I prefer a bag that has been stitched nicely and was not roughly put together. I am not very particular about colour but I believe that EVERYONE needs a nice black bag. I love white bags but they get stained very easily.  A lovely black bag with the right size is one of the most functional and beautiful accessories money can buy.


A vintage looking bag

I just love vintage bags, not everyone is lovely but some really bring a smile to my face. I love bags that just have a vintage look or those that seem to be vintage inspired.


A bag with a chain strap

This is an absolute necessity for me. Chanel does the best ones but they cost a whopping £600 at least. So for my savvy shoppers that don’t want to break the bank to get this look you could try Marc b bags. They have bags with good quality and would look amazing.




So whatever you decide on just remember that a great black bag can save the day, a gorgeous vintage bag- can make the day and a lovely chain bag tops the occasion. So do yourself a favour and start investing in what matters, bags!



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