The Exchange, is a young pop-rock band consisting of brothers Britt (vocals) and Jack Espinosa (drums) and Tyler Mays (bass). Their single “Heartbeat” off their new record “Compass” was one of the number one adds to Christian Rock Radio this past summer and the corresponding music video gained close to 10k view in just a few short weeks. After touring up and down the west coast all summer long, their release show will be in their hometown this coming weekend in Washington. “Compass” is being released through the Seattle-based Save The City Records and distributed by Provident Distribution, a division of Sony Music. “Compass” is now available on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon Music, and Spotify.
The name of the record is ‘Compass’. The story behind record is about”
where we find our home and identify. We always hear the saying that
Home is where the heart lives”. Psalm 38:14 says that the Lord is ‘close”
to the broken hearted, downtrodden and the least of these.’ If God makes
his home among those people, then that is where I want my heart to
be, where I want my proverbial compass to point. ‘If home is where the
heart lives, then my home is where you are. With the beaten, bruised and
downcast, the ones broken from the start”.  –The Exchange
Currently, The Exchange is running a campaign to “Share Your Story” called #MYCOMPASS alongside their release.
“Hey friends and family! Britt here, I want to share with you something that is near and dear to our hearts and identity as a band. The author Victor Hugo once wrote that ‘To love another person is to see the face of God’. My freshman year at college I remember seeing this lived out so vividly. One of my new founded friends named Nation, would spend every Friday night in downtown Seattle chatting with and feeding the homeless. We are all familiar with the saying that ‘Home is where the heart is’, my friend’s heart was to love these people who were on the outskirts of society, and instead of waiting for them to come to him, he ran full speed ahead and met them where they were at.This challenged our band. If the compass of our hearts points to loving the broken and downcast, then we will make our home among them without hesitation. That is what our record ‘Compass’ is all about, and it has been a defining mission for us as a band.Over the next few months we want to share stories of people who have demonstrated tremendous acts of love towards others. If you have a story about someone who has demonstrated this to you, or someone else please send it to us at”
Britt, Jack, Tyler-

About Save the City Records:
Derek Hoiem had a vision to assist musicians in local churches, and having been a software designer for Microsoft, he knew that the digital wave would bring massive change to the music industry. He started in 2003 developing and recording local talent around the Seattle area. After recording and working with indie artists for about 5 years, in 2008, Hoiem launched Save the City Records as a national brand. After garnering critical acclaim on iTunes and media outlets, Save the City Records landed a distribution deal with Provident Distribution. Over the last several years, the company has picked up more artists who have been featured on iTunes, played on national radio, ranked on the Billboard charts, and featured at national music festivals.


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