I’m sure we are all excited that summer is approaching and although the heat can be scorching the time is now to show off our sunglasses. I was feeling really dramatic so I took some really interesting shots of the sunglasses I have. You should already know that there are so many styles of sunglasses and I have only included a four in my pictures.


Many people look great in sunglasses when they choose the right ones to match their face.

My advice to you today is to get a nice pair of sunglasses that suit you. For some Nigerian women, this seems to be a frustrating task and when they do find a pair it is often by mistake. SO I have some advice for you I found very useful myself.

If you have an oval face why don’t you try a pair of over sized glasses like Victoria Beckham?

If you have a heart shaped face like our darling Jennifer Aniston why don’t you try Aviators?

If you have more of a square face please avoid square rimmed glasses and instead go more retro like Reese Witherspoon

Finally for my darlings with round faces I suggest trying some glasses with square rims like Mariah Carey

So for now, I leave you till next time.

Have a great day,


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