This is just something to give hope to those who need it. I recently graduated and I‘m currently applying for jobs. In the midst of not doing anything really (which I hate), hearing other people have jobs, plain old boredom and a workaholic inside of me, I kind of became depressed. This however was in the midst of praying to God but I still went to being sad.

A friend told me that being depressed has part to do with thinking of the negatives more than the positives, and that applied to my situation. But I did feel that the word of God and God Himself had to be contacted, and I just had to pour my heart to Him to bring me out of the state of mind I was in and out of my “depression”.

This then triggered me to watch a sermon online which dealt with what it meant to have faith. The preacher from the Restored COG ministry, mentioned several things about why faith is important. It is what pleases God and the means through which God works. So without faith, you are doomed basically. The bible also says something about faith that fluctuates, being in the possession of an unstable man; this man should not expect anything…now that is hard hitting. This is when I realized that it is more than feeling sorry for yourself…God requires faith from YOU!

However, we should remember faith is from the Holy Spirit and not mare belief of man, partly because it is not reliable. Let the Spirit work through you in faith. Right now I am still having faith although I don’t have the job yet, but be encouraged and have patience too.

Rotimi Ariwoola

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