Christian Hip Hop Artist, Propaganda has started the “Tell Me Yours Challenge.”

Here is what he had to say about the challenge

First, I want to thank you for all the support we have received from you via social media, record sales, downloads and for coming out to the Crimson Cord tour dates. It shows me that what we’re doing is really impacting you. So, thank you!

Now that you’ve had a chance to familiarize yourself with the Crimson Cord record, you may have checked out the last track titled “Tell Me Yours”. This track is almost like a family portrait book. A memorial of all that makes up, my “cord”. I see that my life has been shaped by normal, everyday working of life. People, places, mistakes, tragedies and triumphs. Things that I saw as coincidence were really evidence that a plan was being worked out, a path that has made me into the person I am now. So this piece was special for me. I realize you probably didn’t know most of the people or places, but they are the reason why I am what I am.

Now, you may also notice that the title is also an imperative. A direction. Really…tell me yours. So, I’m calling out all you poets! I want you to write your own Crimson Cord. Your own “Tell Me Yours”. Who are the people places and events that made you what you are?


Write a spoken word in the style of “Tell Me Yours”.
Shoot a video of you performing that piece.
Upload that joint to your personal Youtube channel and make sure that you add #TellMeYours hashtag, tag @Prophiphop and @humblebeast in the title.
Once the video has been uploaded make sure to email us a link to your video to for us to review it. Deadline to submit your video is November 25th, 2014 at 11:59pm.
Share that joint via social media using the hashtag #TellMeYours to start getting views and likes.
We will choose a first and second place winner. 1st place will be an Editor’s Pick – This will be chosen by myself along with a few poet colleagues of mine and we’re going to critique ya’lls work and pick the hottest poem. 2nd place will be a Viewer’s Choice – this one is simple, the one with the most views on YouTube wins, so make sure you promote the heck out of it. Winners will be announced on November 28th.
Get to scribbling,



Watch the Video below


Watch the Official Crimson Cord video below

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