Role models aren’t born; they’re made. What follows then is that, they aren’t necessarily individuals of exceptional ability or performance…at least, they don’t have to be. Good role models are simply everyday people who realize the need to live in a manner worth emulating, because they know that even if they don’t, someone will still model their behaviour. They realize that humans are role models (and have role models), not simply by choice, but by nature. Everyone has people, they look to and desire to be like. Likewise, everyone has people looking to them, as the person to be like. We all are role models and have role models. The question then is; are you a good role model? With the new campaign, “Role Models: Leaders & Followers” Role Model Records hopes to bring this question to bear on every person. By highlighting everyday people, the label shows that the responsibility to live right for the sake of others, rests on all our shoulders. Real role models are both leaders and followers. They lead well, because they follow well. Thus, they can say, “follow me as I follow greatness”, knowing that greatness is Jesus Christ!

In this segment, Tim Challies ( & Grace Fellowship Church) and Rebecca Wagler (Wee Three Sparrows Photography) tell us what it means to be a role model in their specific context.

What are you doing to be a good role model?

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