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Can Fatima just shut up already!


The girl has been going on and on about how her heels her hurting her. I had forgotten what a pain Fatima can be. I should have come with Ovie but Fatima begged to come with me so, here I am, stuck with a blabbing 30 year old woman.


The Otunba Dosunmu Black & White Ball is a VERY high profile event that holds in Lagos on the regular. This is the first one I am attending because my company requires me to network and also because Fatima is in search of a husband.


“Is that Gbenga Dosunmu?” Fatima asked me as she spotted the Otunba’s third child and only son.
“Apparently” I said. I may sound like a kill joy but I just want to get through the evening.


Fatima quickly walks up to him and starts a conversation. The girl is good and has always had her way when it comes to meeting guys. I had to get her a card reminding her that it is a man who finds a wife and not the other way around.
I am trying to find Ovie when I hear my name.


“Jumoke Johnson”
I turn around and I am speechless. I should have figured out that our paths will most definitely.
I turn and face Chief (Mrs.) Folashade Taiwo. My greatest nightmare and Tope’s mum.


“Good evening ma” I say, sounding courteous even though I know the woman wouldn’t recognise courtesy if it hit her in the face.
“So the heart breaker returns. So who is the new rich guy you hope to nail. Otunba’s son? The president’s son? You know he and Gbenga are best friends”


Tope’s mum has always saw me as a golddigger. I remember when I met her in my second year, she hated me cause I was raised by a single mother with no knowledge of who my father was. She felt I was in the relationship to get a taste of the acclaimed Taiwo wealth. In my 3rd year, when Tope told her we were going to get married after graduation, she was furious. If not for Tope’s dad (who is a darling) she won’t have given her consent. I remember she looked me straight in my face and said “You might have Tope and his father fooled but not me. You don’t want a simple life. You are not Tope’s girl. He is a good guy and you want power. You are me when I was your age”


Truth is, I have not given her reason to think otherwise. I proved to her that I am like her. I meann she was a struggling singer when she met Tope’s dad and everybody knows the Taiwo’s and their wealth.


Maybe that is why I fell for Tope. He wasn’t moved by the wealth. He loved to hangout with my mum and I in our 2 bedroom apartment in Surulere. His father was (sorry IS) one of Nigeria’s wealthiest men and he is still humble and sweet. I wanted a simple life once but look where simple got my mother. History was not going to repeat itself.


“It seems like I am boring you” Mrs. Taiwo’s voice brought me back to the present.
“No ma. You are not” I tell her. Just then, I see Ovie and I signal him. He comes over.
“Ma, this is my fiance, Ovie
“Ogheneovo” she cut me short. This woman knows everybody “Impressive. Nice catch, Jumoke”
“It is a pleasure meeting you ma” Ovie said
“I know you. Your mother and I go way back” she tells him smiling
“Ovie, this is Mrs. Taiwo. Her son is the guy we met yesterday, Tope” I tell him
“Oh. I see you have met my son, her ex-fiance”
Oh no she did not!
“Ex fiance? Was he your ex” Ovie is angry now
“Its not like that. Please” I start to explain
“And you could not tell me. No wonder you were so eager to try the restaurant. I need some air. Nice meeting you, Mrs Taiwo” With that, Ovie walks out.


I look at Mrs. Taiwo and she has a smile on her face

“It seems you still have a lot to learn my dear Jumy. Come for lessons” she tells me
“With due respect ma, I’d rather take lessons from Fatima. Yes, I broke up with your son but I don’t need you to rain on my parade”
“You call that a parade. Honey, you are still playing charades. No one breaks the heart of a Taiwo and doesn’t feel my scorn. No one at all”


With that she walks away, as tears form in my eyes.


Yes there is more… Watch out for the 5th part tomorrow.


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