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He is still as HOT as ever!


When Fatima told me Tope was doing very good, she left out many details. He had evolved into a handsome young man. And when we hugged, he smelt so good. His cologne is amazing.


“Tope, meet my fiance Ovie. Ovie, this is my friend Tope”


Ovie stretched out his hand to shake Tope, who by the way seemed a little bit reluctant. I guess he still kind of liked me. Well, I did.


Tope and I dated for four years and those were the best years of my life. Tope was not a jock and he wasn’t a nerd. He was just himself. He had amazing dreams and he wanted to live a simple life. I thought I did but I had to face reality, I mean my folks were not as rich as Tope’s folks. I needed security. Something I did not enjoy in my childhood.


“Nice meeting you Ovie. You are lucky to have Jumoke. She is an amazing girl. So when are y’all tying the knot”
“In 3 weeks. We fly back to LA immediately” Ovie said proudly
“LA?” Tope asked.
“Ovie is Nigerian American. I met him while I was in UCLA”
“Oh. Ok. Well enjoy. Your bill is on me” Tope said
“Thanks. We have to leave now though. But you should come for the wedding” Ovie said
“I guess. Here’s my card. Call me with the info on the wedding” Tope hands me the card


Why is he giving me the card? It was Ovie that invited him. Not me. I think I should give him mine too.


“Here’s mine” I handed it over to him. “Nice seeing you again Tope” I give him a quick hug and walk away with Ovie. I could feel his eyes on me so I link my fingers with Ovies’


We get into the car and Ovie remembers he needed to make a business call so he goes out of the car to call. It is the perfect time to call Fatima.


“Fatima. He is still cute”
“I told you the brother is doing good? What happened?”
“He met Ovie, Ovie invited him for the wedding and he gave me his card”
“Does Ovie know that Tope was your 1st love?”
“Are you going to call Tope?”
“No. I am with Ovie now. It was nice seeing him again but I am not rekindling old feelings. I think Ovie’s done with his call. I will talk to you later. Bye”


I cut the line and put the phone in my bag. There I see Tope’s card. I squeeze it and throw it out of the window. At that moment, Ovie gets into the car.


“Are you ok darling?” He asked me
“Never better” I tell him


He gives me a quick kiss and he starts the car.
Even as we drive out of the parking lot, one guy is on my mind. Tope Taiwo.


He is still as HOT as ever!


There is more. The 3rd part coming soon


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