This year the Lord will keep you,

He will guide you,

He will order your steps,

He will direct you,

He will give you ideas that will change the cause of generations

He will cause you to increase on all sides

He will be your guiding light

He will be your way maker

He will take you to higher heights in your relationship and your walk with Him

Arise, Shine, Your light has come.

The Glory of our God will be seen in your life

People will call from far and wide to see the good things that God is doing in your life

You will continue to dwell in abundant grace and unlimited favour

Even in the darkness, your light will shine through

When it seems you are at the end of the road, Our God, the One who is mighty to save will show up on your behalf

You will prosper even as your soul prospers

He will cause you to abide in every good thing

And finally He will keep you in perfect peace

In Jesus name




Have a wonderful 2012  and enjoy the year because the best is yet to come. Follow us on Twitter  @YadaMag or like us on facebook for updates. We have an awesome year planned for you.


God bless


The Yada Team


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