“Woe to them that go down to Egypt for Help…”- Isa 31:1


Beloved, let GOD be GOD in your life. Never bow down to any other god. gods can be your job, money, wife e.t.c. god is everything/person you place above GOD. Our GOD is a jealous GOD who never shares HIS glory with anybody. Let JESUS be your LORD and SAVIOR. He never fails. All shall be well in Jesus name.

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  1. Funny that you mention that about bodybuilders. I used to train at a bodybuilding gym and was doing power cleans. The instructor walked up to me and shouted: “lift slowly, lift slowly!” I had to hold myself from dropping the bar on his foot.

  2. Hi, i bought a bulldog pacakge a while back, and i honestly havent been able to figure out how to use ball grip with rig. infact i have never attached it before. i have looked at the pictures you put up but i’m still lost as to how to apply it to achieve dynamic shots. please can you help to explain it better? perhaps with pictures. Thanks

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