If you watched the last season of So You Think You Can Dance, there is no way you would have forgotten Jarell Rochelle. Fast forward to now, it seems that Jarell is making a name for himself in the dance community. In our Next Rated section, I talk to the young choreographer on his passion and plans for the future.



How long have you been dancing for?

I have been dancing hip-hop for about 10 years now, and I have been doing classical training for about 7 years!


Talk to us a bit about the SYTYCD Audition?

It was funny, God gave me a vision 3 years prior to my televised debut on SYTYCD, in Dallas TX. I saw myself on the stage, and a worldview of all the people tuned in.  I began to loose hope for 2012’s audition, for this was my 3rd time auditioning at SYTYCD. My overall primary inspiration was my mom. My mother had recently began noticing her vision was becoming worse, and I knew I had only a limited time to make this dream happen, not for myself, but for her.  So, I trained for about a year, and went into a spiritual hibernation; not focused on dance itself, but the goodness of God (“Delight yourself in the Lord and He will GIVE you the desires of your heart.”) When it aired, I finally understood what He did: He made Himself look like a star through His servant (me,) and boy was He glorified that day.  Sitting down, tuning into the telecast was nerve racking because you are not informed that you will be shown, and there I was, the last to audition.  The room erupted with excitement and sheer utter joy.  I was beside myself, for I knew that it was the work of The Lord’s hand that brought His vision to pass.


How has your life changed since then?

My life has not changed much, besides the fact that I am now a full-time professional dancer.  To me it feels the same, just a lot more dance and a lot less college studies since I graduated the same year the auditioned aired



What are the plans for you as regards your dance?

To be perfectly honest, I do not have any plans. I mean I have a couple of ideas for projects I would like to do and places I would like to be in the next year; however, if you ask me what is next, I would definitely think God is pushing me towards Cru’s (formally known as, Campus Crusades for Christ) art ministry, Transform; based in either New York or L.A.  The ministry helps to develop an artist’s form. Explore how art and faith intersect through a curriculum of reading and practical skills, and then in-turn, (the artist) blesses the city with their gift(s) from God.  I definitely am feeling lead in that direction.


Talk to us a bit about your faith in God.

My faith has been a story filled with joy, doubt, disbelief, struggle, triumph and sin.  I will never try to hide who I was because through repentance, it has made me the new creature I am today. I could tell you a million things and make this the longest article in the world, or I could lump sum where I am at this point in my life: God is everything, and I am willing to go out on more than a limb to express that to anyone who has blessed ears so that they might hear and come see and partake in the goodness that is Jesus Christ.


What scripture motivates you?

Matthew 22:37-39.  Its the magna-carta of how to fallow God and who He is.  It brings everything back to the heart of an individual. As the scripture further states, “If you indeed keep these two commands, you have fulfilled the entire law.” By loving God, your whole life grows, expands, and becomes about Him and not self.  Does this disqualify believers from pain, suffering or bad times? Certainly not! But if we only keep our eyes on Him and trust, we will be okay, we will eventually see what it was all for.



What non-dance projects are you involved in?

I am currently apart of “bridge,” run by Truth ministry in Huntsville Texas.  They come on a one hour drive, every third Friday of the month in Houston and feed the hungry homeless people, provide them with clothes, and prayer.  Its an awesome form of being God’s hands.  I also pop in and out of Cru to be a volunteer, event runner or dance instructor of a flashmob outreach project and so on.


What should your supporters expect from you?

That I live my life!  I have no qualms about saying that, although my desire is to be holy and above reproach, I haven’t quite made it their yet, so expect it to be an HONEST life, chopped full of confessions of sin, truths, ugliness and beauty, yet always a striving to be sincere and longing to be made 100% pure. humility. God bless!


Watch Jarell’s SYTYCD audition

Watch the Full performance below



Pictures courtesy Jarell and  K Marie Photography 


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