Christian Newswire/ — A brand new website, Bible Business Tips, is very proud to announce its official launch on the 28th of October 2014 with the purpose of giving useful and helpful tips on how to run a business with the use of insights, knowledge and advice that comes from the Bible itself. Created by Arthur Cundy, the founder of 3eleven Creative, this one of a kind website hopes to change the business industry in many ways.

Different businesses are being introduced in all corners of the world every single day, with each and every one of them following different strategies and methods for them to become successful and well known in their respective niches. Business owners are also given the chance to easily search online for various tips that can help them in running their business in the smoothest flow possible.

However, Arthur Cundy noticed that after being in the business for 14 years, he never encountered any information as to how to run a business with the use of the Bible. With people usually relying on the Bible for insights on their parenting, marriage or self-development, why can’t they use the Holy Book for their business? This is what inspired Arthur Cundy to create Business Bible Tips.

“I’m passionate about business and helping others achieve their goals. There’s tons of business advice out there; but I wanted to contribute something different to the conversation using the timeless knowledge of the Bible,” according to Arthur Cundy.

The bible holds the Guinness World Record as the best selling book of all time. It has been printed over 6 billion times and translated to almost 7,000 languages.

With the Bible containing a wealth of wisdom, Arthur believes that this wisdom can be applied to all areas of people’s lives, including business. At Business Bible Tips, different topics will be covered that can be useful for business owners, including self improvement, finance, ethics and productivity. Through these topics, everyone can expect to learn the most important Biblical lessons that they can apply to running their business effectively and productively.

This new website aims to help all business owners on how to reach success with their businesses.

For more information about Business Bible Tips, feel free to visit its website

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