After 2 days of voting via BBM, Facebook & twitter, The friends and fans of XL2LETTERS, voted for a hardcore hip hop song for his next single. The song came out tops out of 3 songs the XL2LETTERS put up for votes so that the audience would be part of the Se7en Ep production process.

XL2LETTERS and WALLZ go in very very hard on this track dropping punchlines, methaphors and real talk in a hardcore style that hip hop has never experienced before in This side of the world. XL2LETTERS raps at lenght and touches on various topics and reminds this audience why he does what he does. It is a song that reassures his audience that he is not goin anywhere.

The song features WALLZ and is recorded, mixed and mastered by Dr Sankty for 17 – 17 AudioLab. WALLZ drops hard hitting bars and doesnt disappoint in his lyrics and punchlines. The song is low tempoed and is paced for listening pleasure.
Listen and Download here

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