Proceed With Caution!!!
“No Apologies for what you are about to listen to”.
So says Wallz & GAMiE on this classic tune from the October reign series project “THE REIGN”
Defiant and resolute in their decision to defy the odds, these ones have chosen not to be boxed in.
Here are some Quotes from Wallz’ & GAMiE on the song “No Apologies” (Prod by Soul)
* “Sin brings death, Death brings hell, Life brings light in a place that is well” ref (John1:4-5)
* “I don’t follow if the road ain’t narrow, though these lies ain’t shallow I still won’t shallow”
* Learning to listen as I listen to learn
* If fools were wise, then they’d realise it takes more than death to kill a man in Christ
* Scratching the surface for something deep, this world’s definition of reality is just too cheap
* With our faith still intact we survive the impact, still we’re making impact cos our faith is intact
With drop jaw delivery from both Emcees, dynamic flows, soulful sounds, and the creative touch of prolific producer “Soul”.
This is definitely another masterpiece under Wallz’ belt.
Enjoy this classic tune “No Apologies” by Wallz WordCykic featuring GAMiE & SOUL.

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