DIKKY, whose real name is Onyedika Nwoji, is a young upcoming Nigerian rapper/producer in his very early 20’s based in Lagos. He is a member of C.I.A (Christ I Abide), a movement of 7 hiphop artistes who are out to affect lives positively. He has dropped a couple of singles and has been involved in some hiphop cyphers with other hiphop artistes of like minds on campus (University of Nigeria, Nsukka), before he and other 6 hiphop artistes came together late last year to form C.I.A. In the music industry, he has also worked with the likes of PROTEK, SOKLEVA (RoofTop MCs), IBK SPACESHIPBOI (Winner, Don Jazzy Enigma Beat Competition), PROVABS, SAM JAMZ, PASTOR J, AMBASSAGE (Winner, Club X EPiGNOSIS Beat Competition) GAMEMAN, MR. PHISHA, etc on “THA HOLY CYPHA”. His mission is straight foward…he is out to use his God given gift and talent to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ and win souls.

His new single, titled POPPIN’ THEM THANGS is a short song of 2mins 33secs, which is a remix to the original POPPIN’ THEM THANGS by U.S hiphop group, G-UNIT. He talks about how the world, especially those in the entertainment industry, are all about the pleasures of life. He makes it clear that such a lifestyle that’s not found in God’s will leads to no where but eternal damnation. He talks about turning over to God and the benefits of having a victorious life in Christ with scriptural references, all delivered smoothly with contemporary punchlines. The song is simply a message of salvation.

For more from Dikky, you can follow him on Twitter @DiKkY4ChRiSt or Facebook.com/Dikky38.

Listen and download below




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