J- sharp(j#)
Name-Jude Brossy
Born in Warri Delta state, Nigeria.
Started his musical career at age 13 in Port-Harcourt.
He has released a number of underground hits, and is popular in some circles as a dancer/choreographer.
Others know him very well as a music producer, and some know him as a poet/spoken word artiste.

He attained a degree in Architecture from Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Ghana and he is presently resident in Lagos city Nigeria.(Working as an architect).

 A positive rapper, hip hop mainly, who’s not afraid to switch flows, from party and fun tracks to addressing societal issues. A class act who has a fully formed musical identity but is not afraid to dabble in other genres.

J-sharp Just released his new single “Like That”…The track is a good mix of hip-hop and today’s  Nigerian dance flavour with a positive message…
Beat by DroBeats @XP studio, recorded by Xuzia @EVA24 studio, mixed and mastered by Gem @E-trax studio.

J-sharp!,rapper,producer dancer/choreographer and architect…hope you are ready for him because he is here to stay.
He is here to alter the status quo and redefine the Game get use to the name it’s J# (j-sharp).



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