I wonder if the scenario sounds familiar to anyone; ‘You pick up your phone that you are sure is fully loaded with enough credit and dial a friend’s no but instead of the call tone you expect you get the automated voice from your network provider informing you that your credit balance is low. Shocked. You immediately check your credit balance all the while wondering who could have used your phone without your knowledge…  stop right there cause your credit balance is up and right there on your phone screen you see enough credit to make lots of calls. What could be going on? You try again this time again and the line goes. How frustrating especially when it happens not once or twice but over again. If no one can relate with this scenario how about picking a call ad hearing a stranger respond while the person you called also claim to have heard another voice doesn’t help that it is usually the voice of an opposite sex. Very troubling sometimes. Oh yeah and all the while you are being charge for problems you did not create. Sounds so fraudulent.

Truth is told, the advent of the global system for mobile phones (GSM) in Nigeria brought about ease in the communication system. People were able to communicate at anytime, to anyone, located anywhere. Without a doubt, the GSM seem to be the answer to a lot of inconveniences.

Recently however, it is becoming increasingly difficult to get satisfying services from network providers as the networks are plagued with numerous challenges.

This is not peculiar to just a single network in Nigeria. An unfortunate situation as the telecom business is the fastest growing area in the country. So here is my point; MTN, GLO, AIRTEL, ETISALAT and all others (sorry stuck to the most popular), with all the money being made from your humble and loyal subscribers can you kindly channel some of it to rectifying these network problems. We deserve better you know.


Image: Ernest ‘namzo’ Ojeh from bitblogr

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