Sareem Poems (founding member of L.A. Symphony) has teamed up with Lansing Michigan based producer Ess Be for a new release.Beautiful Noise is in stores now via Illect Recordings. Album artwork by Agnes & Lupus (UK).

“Push It Along” is about moving forward in my lane. I’m a creative, husband, father and blue collar working man now. My days as a single creative are behind me.

I have new passions and loves that drive me in my daily life. Serving my wife, son, church & community. These things push me more than anything. My idea of success has completely changed. Along with the place I call home. From Los Angeles CA to Lansing MI. The simplicity of my life right now is beautiful. Wake up, serve, work, create, give & repeat.

The is the path I’m on… “Push It Along”. – Sareem Poems

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