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3 Studios and Neumann Films Present “Bombs Away”

Man – Jonathan Thulin
Woman – Rachael Lampa
String Players – Alison Fahy, John Clapham, Valerie Little

Filmed on the RED Scarlet & Sony FS700
Directed by Luke Neumann and Jonathan Thulin
Produced by 3 Studios
DP – Luke Neumann
Filmed by Luke Neumann, David Thulin & Marika Neumann

Samuel Thulin
Paul Ericson
Raimee Haber
Jacqueline Ivarsson
Kyle Lee
Taylor Moore
Casiano Ortega
Don Ortega
Sam Ostergard

Make-up and Wardrobe
Charmaine Carrasco
Anna Thulin
Marika Neumann
Jonathan Thulin

Edited by Jonathan Thulin & David Thulin
Color Correction by Jon Wise & David Thulin

Bombs Away
Music & Lyrics by Jonathan Thulin & Rachael Lampa

1: The bombs have dropped and I’ve fallen on my face
I made my decision and I’m feeling disgraced
But I won’t stop till it’s done
My fire and glow will be fading out soon
Cause my conscience broke and my heart’s out of tune
but I won’t stop till it’s done, no I won’t stop till it’s done

Chorus: Bombs away, Bombs away to my heart
To my heart bombs away

2: The devil came knocking at the door of my dreams
I knew it was wrong but my mind felt so free
Now I won’t stop till it’s done, no I won’t stop
Till it’s done


Bridge: The battle of me and myself is exploding me
The fire is gaining on me and I’m letting it
I’m searching the heaven’s and earth for the end of me
So here I am, here I am

Light the fuse cause my heart’s gonna blow

(c) 2012 To Lean On Music, Mamaknowsmusic

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