“A dog that dances for its master will surely eat what the master eats” – Pst. E.A. Adeboye.

“I was a guest Minister in a Church in the States where the choir raised the song ‘Tambira Jehovah’ and the atmosphere changed with everybody dancing.

Though I had no idea what the lyrics meant, I just whispered to myself  – It is my turn to dance!
On a second thought, I took a deep plunge into the Internet in frantic search for Tambira Jehovah.
I was deeply blessed by Mkhululi Bhebhe/Joyous Celebration’s version of the song – Tambira Jehovah.

Tambira Jehovah is a Shona folk song from Zimbabwe meaning “Come and dance for the Lord”. That nailed it. I was greatly inspired to pop up my version and on my return to Nigeria, I consulted with Daniel Adegbenro, a South African trained musicologist whom I was very certain could best interpret the song.

Tambira Jehovah is laced with English, Shona, Swahili and Yoruba languages.

Bethany Bola Thani

“Tambira Jehovah” video was directed by Oluyinka Davids (iFocus Pictures).

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