Artist: Tedashii
Label: Reach Records
Album: Black Light
Release Date: 31/05/2011

Tedashii also known as T-dot comes up with his third sophomore album titled “Blacklight”. Now I know the name of the album may raise a few eye brows like it did for label mate’s (Lecrae) album, but be rest assured that your favourite Gospel artist is not off track. A Blacklight is a kind of light used to reveal hidden objects, Doctors use it in some researches and during surgeries and we think this is where the concept of the album name came from.

1. Riot (Prod: PRo, Joseph Prielozny) – A continuation of the make war song on his last album, riot talks about making a riot but this time he is rioting with the flesh. The Word of GOD makes us understand that the Spirit and the flesh are constantly in war; T-dot tries to make it aggressive on this PRo produced track, which will leave you bumping your head throughout the song.

2. Rock a bye baby (Prod: Alex Medina, J.Prielozny): This will take you back to the wild wild west. There was a reasonable level of creativity form the production duo. It might take some time to understand the message, but is an all right track.

3. Need It Daily feat. PRo(Prod: Geeda) – I need the GOSPEL daily, you need it daily, we all need it daily is the message Tedashii is trying to pass across to the listeners; and who else to go hard with on this track than newly signed label mate PRo. Solid crunk beat and chorus, definitely a repeat track. On top of all that, T-dot confesses that it is the Gospel of Jesus Christ that has been keeping him in check.

4. Can’t Get with you (Prod: PRo, J.Prielozny) – This is one of my favourite beats of the album. Tight sound quality mixed with impressive lyrics and of course, the explicit warning to sin “that I cannot get with you no more cause CHRIST has made me free.” Another fantastic work from the production duo.
5. That will be the day feat. Jenny Norlin (Prod: Cheesebeats) – First, Miss Jenny Norlin can sing! She gives the song depth and a completely new meaning. This is a chill out track and a must-listen on the album.

6. This is the life feat. Sho Baraka & L2 (Prod: D-free) – The album takes a cool on this slow jam. Although this is the first time I am coming across L2, but they did OK for a track like this. This minister to the world about what a good and bad life is all about. Sho Baraka holds his own on this track and his flow on the track was awesome.

7. Last Goodbye feat. Benjah (Prod: Benjah & Sky) – This is a song for soldiers and their families during their period of deployment. Good Chorus from Benjah and this might actually leave you in tears.

8. He Lives feat. Flame & Jai (Prod: D-free) – The duo who cooked up Lecrae’s  ‘GOD is enough’ comes to assist T-dot on telling that JESUS is alive. Flame really goes hard on this one and the ever-impressive hook singer Jai does not disappoint on this one either. You are sure to enjoy this track.

9. Go until I’m gone feat. Thi’sl (Prod: Street symphony) – I like the way Thi’sl voice sound on this beat. A certain head bumper, be sure to check it out as both rappers go hard on this track.


10. Get up feat. S.O. (Prod: Cheesebeats) – Real encouraging words of edification to all believers, almost like the double back song by Flame. Nigerian born artist S.O. Who is the latest addition to Lampmode records holds his own on this track with his powerful and anointed voice.


11. Burn this house down (Prod: PRo/Prielozny) – The message in this song is simple; kill the flesh. I love the message and presentation becasue this paints a better picture than most songs on denying your flesh.


12. Finally feat. Shane & Shane (Prod: DJ official) – Finally is a song that talks about going back to meet Jesus. The song reminds me of Jeremy Camp’s There will be a Day and Hillsong’s You Hold Me Now.


13. You know what it is feat. KB & PK (Prod: PK) – The song is a club banger. However, do not get carried away, the message is clear, if you want to boast in anything, boast in the Cross of CHRIST. PK sings a catchy hook & KB does the normal tongue twisting and Psalm quoting. T-DOT really impresses on what is one of my favourite beat in the album.


14. Dum Dum feat. Lecrae (Prod: Geeda) – Hands down the best beat on the entire album. When I first saw the title of the track, was wondering what message was going to be in it. This one talks about how the world thinks of Believers as Dum people, but they will soon know about us when our Saviour comes back for us. We have to appreciate the lyricism of both emcees, because this song is almost perfect. Geeda is going to be on demand for albums releasing this summer, with this trademark beat.


15. Reverse feat. C-Lite (Prod: Alex Medina/Prielozny) – Mark 10:31, JESUS said, “But Many who are first will be last, and the last first”. On that final day, I had better patiently wait. C-Lite is turning into something else with these hooks & makes you want to sing the chorus all day. Excellent track but should have been the last in my opinion.


16. Bravo feat. JPaul (Prod: Cheesebeats) – It is no secret that cheese is my favourite producer and you can clearly see why on this track. Perfect way to encourage the Saints going hard for the LORD on the streets, and they truly deserve to be applauded. JPaul sings a good hook to end a fantastic album and I would give it a 4.5 out of 5.


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