Bose likes Tope and Tope likes her too. Bose is drama-full and Tope is drama-free. Still Tope is crazy about her. Like many other girls in the twenty-something range, Bose has issues and like many guys Tope’s age, Tope is not completely Prince Charming but still she likes him anyways.


It does not stop there.


Like many other relationships; the more time you spend together, the more you realize that, that guy or the girl is more complicated than you know. Bose has trust issues and flirts a lot while Tope is not the “lovey dovey” kind of guy.  Tope knows the kind of girl Bose is but still he tells her “I’ll be here”. Does that sound familiar? This guy knows that this girl may cheat, may lie and may leave him anytime but still, he says” I will never leave you. I will always be here for you. You are the one I want”.


And Bose is amazed and she is in love. I mean it is easy to love someone who does not expect so much for you. It is easy to love someone who loves you for who you are. It is easy to love someone who does not want to change you into the perfect “girlfriend” or “boyfriend”. It is also easy to want to please the person. It is also easy to want to be perfect for the person. You know in your mind that you do not deserve this person’s love and attention. You know you must have done something good in your past for God to bless you with an angel on earth.


Bose is in love with Tope and whenever she talks to him, whenever he excuses her misdeeds, whenever he encourages her, whenever he tells her that he will stick around, she believes him and she hears the “I love you” he doesn’t say often. Truth is in the end, a person’s love is not determined by the numbers of “I love you” the person says but by how many times he/she proves it because love is not based on feelings. She knows he loves her when he tells her the truth without hesitating. If he does not like her hair do or her make up or if he needs to show tough love, he does it well and he suggests alternatives for her.


I want to encourage you to love without complications.  Do not make up a bunch of rules for your partner to follow because he or she will fall short. I mean your relationship with God can testify to that. When there is genuine love, the things that matter will occur.  Your partner will do all he/she can to make sure you are happy. That is what true love is.


Love is not complicated. It is patient, kind, does not get jealous. Love is simple.


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Article by Harry Itie


Harry Itie is the Editor in Chief of Yada Magazine. He blogs at The Talkaholic or at Retro Symphony and you catch him on Twitter @BaldBlackBoy  

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