I’ve been in this storm for so long
At this stage it’s almost like nothing else could go wrong
Deep inside my heart, I know this isn’t where I belong
All that I need now is a change of song

I’ve been in this storm for a while
Every day was like walking a thousand mile
It made no difference whether I frown or smile
It was like drowning in the great river Nile

I’ve been in this storm having nowhere to run
Situations kept taking their own turn
I have a father who calls me his son
But I had no faith to believe that after the rain, comes the sun

I’ve been in this storm with question more than answer
My situation got worse than breast cancer
Life turned me around like a ballet dancer
Held back like a guest by a party bouncer

Every time I look back and reminisce
Tear drops and brings me to my knees
In a very little prayer, I beg you please
That one day, you make this storm cease

Though at times I get happy but with a clause
Someone told me the storm is the bridge I needed to cross
Family and friends might leave me to nurse my loss
But I must keep carrying it, because it’s my cross

Lead me through this storm
You know where I started from
A very long way I have come
I hate to see what a prince like me has become

Help me believe it’s for a moment
Help me endure the pain and the torment
Help me have faith in HE that you have sent
Lead me through this storm
You own my future, my past and my present.

This poem was written/submitted by Ogundolapo Oluwaseun.

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