What’s up guys?! I’m really feeling good as a result of a revival in Christ in me. I and my housemates at Uni had a very deep discussion yesterday about having/carrying the presence of God and stuff. Basically, people should see/feel the presence of God when you’re around them without you even mentioning a word…like that presence of someone that doesn’t judge people, calm, etc…like the fruits of the Spirit and a spiritual presence that kind of shows in the physical too if you get what I mean? And this really hit me hard, because like mentioned in one of the former articles; I am sensitive towards stuff like this. I just want to please God in all I do, so I really just want to be in touch with the Spirit at all times.

Anyways, an event that took place recently triggered some thoughts in my head. I’m talking about late night phone calls. I remember back in Secondary School, I would be boasting of such to friends whenever I got one from a girl, but now I’m not the same person. What I mean by late night phone calls are phone calls from/to a girl at late hours of the day (late hours of the day being from like 11pm to further times). Its not only sex talk taking place in these phone calls, but it’s a thing where you feel different at night…more relaxed…and more vulnerable…like there are no guards up .Anyway at these times, guys, or maybe I should just refer to myself, tend to be more laid back and maybe in a sense lonely? I don’t really know how to describe the feeling, but I know it’s not safe with just anyone.

Before I go on, I’m not saying I don’t accept calls after these times (lol) just that with certain girls, it’s weird because some intentions and feelings are not necessarily ‘clean’. I would rather have late night phone calls with a girl, or should I say woman, that is my girlfriend or someone I’m actually interested in as long as she doesn’t mind…. someone I want to be with for the rest of my life. By the way, I’m not talking about ‘dirty talking’.

So I received a ‘late night call’ from a girl (who I know likes me) and basically I just thank God I’m saved and old ways have passed away. She wasn’t saying she wanted to have sex with me or anything, it was more of her wanting us to be an item (though she didn’t say those words), and even suggesting we go out sometime or something. If I was my old self, I would have hooked up with her knowing I wasn’t interested in her and God knows what could have happened.

I feel it is good be assertive….to say ‘no’ or decline when it is needed, instead of delaying stuff and leading things on and on, etc. I’m not saying being friendly is bad, not at all, but I should and I am being aware of non-straightforward situation…everybody needs to actually. Examine the situation, acknowledge God’s ways of responding to situations and act (and you can also pray).

To cut the long story short, I identified where this was leading to, and I wasn’t having it so I responded in an assertive way in order for the whole conversation to not linger on and for her to get the message. Not necessarily cutting off the conversation, but yeah…It’s important stuff like this gets done so you’ll know how to handle things like this when your married.

By Rotimi Ariwoola

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