(The next day, Bolu is in Bola’s bedroom. They are having their usual brother to sister talk. Bola decides to go take a shower. Soon, her phone rings. Bolu sees Boma’s caller ID. He hesitates. Bola shouts from the bathroom, “Bolu could you answer that? I’ll be out in a sec!” The phone stops ringing. A couple of seconds later, the phone continues ringing and Bolu finally answers it)

BOLU: Hi…umm….Boma…hello?

BOMA: Bolu?

BOLU: Yea. Hi

BOMA: Hi Bolu! How you doing?

BOLU: Good…OK…very fine I guess

BOMA: OK? Are you alright?

BOLU: (Pacing nervously around the room) I am fine, very fine thank you.

BOMA: So where is Bola?

BOLU: She is in the shower. She’ll be out soon…she is fine too…oh…here she comes (He mouths B-O-M-A to Bola as she takes the phone from him. Bola has a towel tied around her chest and she is smiling to herself seeing that Bolu looked like he wanted to wet himself)

BOLA: Hey chica! Watagwan?

BOMA: I’m good. What’s up with Bolu?

BOLA: He is just kind of in a mood right now. Don’t worry (She sits down) I am sure he enjoyed talking to you VERY well (Bolu throws a pillow at her and leaves the room)

BOMA: If you say so, so what’s the 411? Gimme d full gist of what happened with your folks and Fola.

BOLA: I invited Fola to come meet my folks

BOMA: I really honestly don’t see why you did that. If your folks can’t warm up to me what makes you think they will accept Fola with arms wide open?

BOLA: I really don’t know why I did that. If you understand how I feel towards Fola, you will be able to know why I did what I did. I have never felt this way before. Not with Chidi or Farouk or Kevwe or any other guy I have dated. This is deeper and way different. We connect on a different level.

BOMA: If that is how you feel, I totally understand but you should have waited a while longer. Did your parents find out that he’s an atheist?


BOMA: (Bursts into laughter) OMG! I am so sorry. I just had to laugh (Still laughing) what did they say?

BOLA: They called me to their room and gave me the 3rd degree. They said they will pray for me to come back to my first love.

BOMA: And who might that be?

BOLA: God!

BOMA: Where you ever away from him?

BOLA: My sister, I know no oh… Na funny tory sha…

BOMA: So how is Fola handling it?

BOLA: He said he understands and that I should not fret over it ‘because he loves me no matter
our beliefs. He is sticking to me like glue.

BOMA: Awwww… but honestly, Fola scares me. He strikes me as a player and someone who just knows the right things to say. I feel you should watch your back with the way he declares his ‘love’ for you.

BOLA: I know how you feel and Bolu feels the same way but trust me, I know he loves me.

BOMA: OK oh…so are you nervous about the fashion show. Girl it’s in TWO DAYS!

BOLA: I KNOW!!! I am not nervous sha…the world should just get ready ‘cause the news clothes from UB kicks major ass. OMO dey no fit handle am!

BOMA: Yes Oh! Let them know wassap! I got to go dearie. We’ll see u tonight.

BOLA: No wahala. Love you

BOMA: Love you 2. Ciao (Click)


Dear Lord,

I really don’t know what is up with me. The feelings I have for Boma are strong Lord and I want to fight it. I mean she doesn’t strike me as the Proverbs 31 woman and you can’t change people if they don’t want to change themselves. So Lord, I beg you, please help me. Anytime I see her, my heart skips a beat and anytime she speaks it’s like…

The pastor on Sunday said that you love me so much that you care about the littelest details of my life. So help me Lord. Help me. Tell me what to do. I need a word from you O Lord. Please. In Jesus Name. Amen

And Lord break off Bola’s relationship with Fola. You told us not to be unequally yoked with unbelievers so Lord please…make it end. Let her catch him cheating or something. In Jesus Name, Amen.

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