OK…I am currently in Lagos and apparently in my parents house. Nigerian Fashion Week is starting next week and there is much that needs to be done. Some models said they were not interested cuz dey were about to write exams…and they had not recovered from the whole easter celebration. Please, I have exams in May also and I will rather be anywhere than be in Lagos. The town just sucks! Honestlty. I really should talk to the organisers of the fashion week to move the show to Abuja. Anyways, I am just tired and I am trying to get some sleep. My parents and I got into a huge arguement. They wanted to know what was up with me and blah blah blah. They should get a grip, honestly. The last time I checked I will be 21 come May. I am almost an adult meaning that I should be responsible for making my own decisions. I pay my bills myself. That ought to count for something. Are you feeling me? Their main issue is my lifestyle. They expect me to be like Bolu and I have explained to them over and aver again that I cannot be like Bolu in a 1000 years. My brother has no social life and I cant live with that.

Speaking of Bolu, we made up and please dont even go there. Whatever happened between us is in the past. It is what siblings do, we fight. He is even in Lagos with me helping me out for the fashion week. Trust me, I had to convince him over and over again to take a leave from work. You know he is on IT. Anyways, after beggin and beggin, my brother decided to find his way to Lagos. It’s cool to have him around, it’s just that I hate when our parents start to comapre us. Boma wanted to stay with us but my folks said no. “There is no way we will let that bad influence under our roof”. The exact words of my father. Bolu looked bummed. I was too.

Fola Carter is just amazing. I love that boy till death. He is too amazing. He decided to come to Lagos to be with me through it all. What more could a girl ask for in a guy? Anyways, I am introducing him to my folks tonight. This will make him the first boyfriend my parents are meeting. I hope it doesnt turn out to be a disaster. Gotta go now, I want to pray that God makes tonight a night I wont forget.



Bola is just very stupid! Yes, I said it. I have a right to she is my sister (You dont have a right to sya that though). Excuse me? Bringing your boyfriend to meet your folks when you yourself are not on a good rapour with them. Men, I thought she had a little brain. She is so in for it. This is exactly what happened. Mum and dad were watching the news in the sitting room when the doorbell rings. Apparently, Bola forgot her guest was coming so my dad ends up answering the door. He opens it and he sees some dude at his door. Knowing that I dont have any friends and that his duaghter will never bring a boy to his house, he asks “Who are you looking for?”. Instead of Fola to greet my dad like every normal Nigerian child would and tell him that he is here to see Bola, he just goes “Hi. I am here to see Bola”. My dad hates it when you tell him hi as in he gets really angry (My dad is VERY conservative). The next thing he says is “Young man are you well? Who are you telling hi?”. It is at this point that Bola rushes out and does all the neccesary introductions and Fola knows he will greet like a Nigerian but well the damage had been done. He had already made the first impression and trust me, with my dad first impressions last the longest.

My dad leaves Bola and Fola at the door. He then goes back to his seat and focused his eyes on the televison screen. Bola walks in with Fola and introduces him to my mum. Fola greets her well and my mum being the softie of the family is all recieving to him (My mum is EXTREMELY soft). Fola takes a seat and Bola tells my folks that he is taking her out. My dad’s gaze quickly went form the televisoion to Bola and he is giving her the look that says “In my house?” and Bola gives him the “I dont care, he’s taking me out” look. I could not help but giggle in my mind. Trust my mum she asked Fola all the questions she could ask from family tree to schooling and everything and I could tell my parents were thanking God that finally he was kind of decent unlike Chidi and others who although they didnt meet them, they were disasters. It was then time for the million dollar question and it always came from my dad.

“So Fola, what Church do you attend?”
“None, sir”
“Why?” My parenst asked together. I was kinda interested in this part
“‘Cause I’m an atheist sir” My mum looked like she wanted to throw up and my dad just stood up and left the living room. My mum then told Bola to follow her into the room and I just sat down there and kept staring at my sisters atheist boyfreind.

Honestly, I am disappointed in Bola. You may say who am I to judge her and why am I forming ‘holier than thou’ but please… an atheist. He doesnt believe in anything and Bola hid this from me. We tell each other EVERYTHING! I just kept staring at him and I noticed he was kind of uncomfortable.

“Your folks think I am bad for Bola right?” He asked me after a while
“Yes and so do I” I said that and left him all by himself in the parlour as I retreated to my room.

I have no clue about the converstaion between mum, dad and Bola but I know that after a while, Bola came out of the room and then she left the house with Fola and she is still not back. God help that girl.

>>>>>>>>>NEW TEXT MESSAGE FROM BOLA<<<<<<<<<
Waddup? I know I should have told you and you are mad at me but try and put yourself in my shoes. i love Fola and something in my spirit is telling me that he is the one. We will talk later. I love you.

I love you to Bola but this, this is just too much.


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