I am so over Brad Pitt. Gosh! I watched The Curious Case of Benjamin Buttons and I have to admit the guy has lost his hotness. Honestly. I can remember when I saw Legends of the Fall, damn! Now that is what I am talking about. I really don’t know but I think Angelina is one of the few reasons he is going down on the hottie scale. Well, whatever. It’s not really my business anyways. Who cares about Brad Pitt when there is Fola Carter!
Thank God it’s Friday. Today I am going to be up all night hitting the clubs. I am not sure if I want to attend Taylors’ or 24/7. It depends on Boma anyways. She is more creative when it comes to which club to attend. Anyways, let me tell you a couple of things about Boma.
Boma is my best friend and one of the most successful youth models in Nigeria. We actually grew up together back in Lagos so our friendship goes way back. The year after we finished from high school, Boma won the Face of Africa pageant and toured the world before resuming in NIU with us. She models for my clothing line Urban Bohemian and also for major cosmetic companies in Nigeria. She went internationally officially during Christmas when she got an offer to model D & G. I know she rocks!
My parents don’t like Boma though. My parents don’t really like me to begin with so Boma aint alone when it comes to that part. The deal is, my parents are conservative Christians and they feel a girl my age cannot have money like I do. They think I am an aristo chic and even though my cousin Dele tells them that my source of income is clean (Dele is the Managing Director of Urban Bohemian. He is 36, he has experience he studied Business Administration so he has it all figured out), my folks choose not to believe him. They adore Bolu because he is the one with the good grades and no social life. Whatever! Just because my friends aren’t the church folks and the fact that my lifestyle is not that of an average Christian girl still I am a Christian. I believe in God with my heart and I have confessed it with my mouth so please I am so saved.
Bolu is the one who has not told me what he feels about Boma. Whenever she comes around he just retreats into his room. He doesn’t even say anything to her. Even Dele tries to strike a conversation even though it is usually business oriented but still… I guess I will have to ask him then. Anyways, I have to answer my phone now. Prince Fola calleth…


I cannot believe I told Bola. The plan was not to. I guess it’s hard when your best friend is your sister. I have been replaying the conversation all night.
“Hey you! How do I look?” Bola struts into my room wearing some black shirt that looked like it was probably someone else’s size and a short mini skirt.
“You look good… I guess” I told her
“I always do. So what’s up? How are you spending your Friday night?”
“Read. I just got The Complete Works of William Shakespeare and I really want to start reading it. I have to know that thing that made Shakespeare IT. Do you feel me?” I asked my sister
“Umm… No! But read on. Although, I don’t see the point considering the fact that you are studying Computer Science. You are supposed to be on IT. This is the period where you stop being an academic freak and act like you are part of the working class world” My sister told me as she used my mirror to apply her makeup.
“You can’t understand Bola”
“You’re so right on that one”
“So which club are you going to today?” I didn’t really care. Just asking for emergency sake.
“24/7. I am just waiting for Boma”
“OK. Why are you not going with Fola?” I asked her, honestly.
“Bolu, its Friday. Ladies Night. Boma and I. Does it ring a bell?”
“Sorry. I forgot”
“Speaking of Boma, what do you feel about her? You practically comment on everything and you have not said a word about Boma. So lemme know wassup”
“She’s cool”
“You are not saying anything. If you were not my brother, I would have just taken that and be satisfied but you are and I KNOW YOU. So tell me, what do you honestly feel about Boma? Mum and dad think she is a bad influence. Dele thinks she wants the extra publicity. The media thinks she is stuck up and proud so what does Bolu Abayomi-Coker think?”
“I… I… never mind”
“You had better start talking!” Bola said, this time she was seating directly in front of me.
“I like her” I can’t believe I told her
“OMG! Bolu! Since when?”
“Since like forever”
“You have to tell her”
“You see why I didn’t want you to know in the first place. Gimme time, OK?”
“OK sir. Thank God! My brother is not that hopeless after all. At least he has got good taste in women” Bola said as she stood up. The doorbell rings.
It’s funny how you talk about someone and the next thing that happen is they show up. I answered the door and it was Boma and she looked really beautiful in her short boob tube gown and leather boots. Thank God she had a jacket on. I am not ready to be led into temptation. She said hi and I could not bring myself to stare at her face. She then went upstairs to meet Bola and in a couple of minutes, they were gone. I am now here in the sitting room trying to read a sonnet by William Shakespeare and all I can think about is Boma. I think I should pray instead.

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