Pastor Rich Wilkerson Jr. has a new book coming out and Kanye West is the designer.

According to People Magazine, Wilkerson needed someone to design his upcoming book “Sandcastle Kings.”

Kanye’s design company DONDA designed the book cover that Wilkerson describes as “clean”, “simple” and “minimalistic”.

Wilkerson shared a picture of the cover on Instagram and wrote

Sandcastle Kings

So thankful for today. This is my first book, titled “Sandcastle Kings: Meeting Jesus in a Spiritually Bankrupt World” which is due out in November. I’m excited about this book’s potential, particularly in how it can help people navigate life by using the greatest message ever told, “the Gospel.” This message is everything to me, and for this reason I wanted to ensure that the cover is equally special. Church history shows us that throughout the centuries, the world’s greatest artists were commissioned for their expertise in painting, sculpting and architecture. From Michelangelo and the Sistine Chapel to modern examples like Philip Johnson and the Crystal Cathedral, the church has been consistent in communicating it’s commitment to excellence through artistry.

In 2015, I believe that Kanye West is one of the most prolific artists we have ever seen, redefining the intersection of commerce and art. I am so grateful for Kanye, the entire #donda family, and their spirit of generosity in offering their God-given talents in designing this book.
My prayer is that this project would go to places it doesn’t belong. Jesus has always been in the business of breaking down walls, redefining norms, and shining a LIGHT into the darkest places.. #intothenight

Thank you @peoplemag for helping share te news #sandcastlekings

Pastor Rich Wilkerson Jr. is good friends with Kanye and even officiated his wedding.


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