This is a new section of our site where you our dear reader can send us cool pictures. From the crazy to the sane, from the classy to the just plain trashy; All you have to do is send your picture to or with your name and email and it is up there.

Examples are

Everyday lives: things that happen on a daily basis that can be captured on film and be seen as funny or inspiring e.g 5 people on a bike, a bride on a bike, a young boy helping an elder cross e.t.c

Events: Any events ranging from Sunday to Saturday owambe or a fashion event; rom their outfit to the décor e.t.c.

Fashion and Style: Weird or cool clothes by people…
We can’t wait to hear from you guys. Start sending the pcitures now.
Below is out first picture: Author Tolu Akanni and popular Nigerian singer, Banky W promote A-Z Life Lessons.

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