Born (Cute Chuka Sagay) on January 20th to the family of Sagay, Delta State, Nigeria.

Cute Sagay started singing at age nine (9). His soul stirring music derives its purpose through reaching and touching mankind with beautiful lyrics accompanied by melodious tunes that reach the very heart of the world.

Being a very versatile musician, he has worked with many music groups and various artistes like: CUTCEE (Former Duo Group), BUCHI (Gospel Raggea Artiste), TOYIN & FRIENDS…


He’s performed at prestigious events:

To his credit, he’s performed and entertained from one stage to another for over 20 years. When he sings, he (his voice) sweeps his audience off their feet!

1. Cute Sagay made history as the first Nigerian artiste to have a holographic video shoot used in commemorating the Nigeria @ 50 event held in Accra, Ghana 2010.

2. The Debate of Business Leaders on Nigeria @ 50 (First Edition) 2010.

3. Leke Alder’s Governance 500 (First Edition) 2010.


4. Toyin and Friends (Worship Unscripted Festivals)

5. NITPEX 2010 Exhibitions & Awards

6. Grace Assembly (His present church). One of the music leaders

7. The Town Hall Meeting of the ACN Youth Forum 2011 at The Civic Centre

To have a feel of his music, download Make That Change, Imela and Take the World


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