Breakout Rap sensation  Ambassage, is set to hit the ground running in 2012, with the official release of his long awaited single – ‘SHOWCASE’ which hit the speakers on New Year’s Eve. This comes on the heels of his success earlier in December; emerging winner of  $1000 prize money in Club X international’s ‘Epignosis’ Beat Battle which, was more or less a Gospel version of Don Jazzy’s ‘Enigma’ beat Battle. This further helped to propel his niche as a brilliant yet spiritual lyricist, beyond the underground Gospel Rap movement into mainstream.

The first single ‘Showcase’ is an upbeat-lively fusion of Rap & Rock with a modern afro flavour – provided by former ‘Infinity’ maestro – K’ORE.

The second, ‘Gidi City Anthem’, is a ‘cover’ track for JayZ’s Empire State of Mind – is probably, “the best cover-version we’ve heard till date. Y’all will understand once you hear it” (Ambassage says and laughs).

The tracks promise to be both lyrically and spiritually inspiring. Listen to the awesome new singles, which are currently getting massive airplay.

The 2 tracks are also available online for FREE streaming and downloads at:

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Andrew Abu aka Ambassage: a gifted Rapper, song writer and Producer with a passion for inspiring and positively influencing lives through music based on Kingdom values, is one of today’s most sought after Emcees. His powerful performances attest to his love for God, Souls and of course, his Music.  With catchy and ‘phat’ beats laced with skilful yet deep and spiritual  rhymes , Ambassage simply leaves listeners awestruck and wanting more with hit tracks like Showcase and Gidi City Anthem.  His distinct style of Hip Rock and ‘Hip HopE’ – as he calls it, plus an uninhibited fusion of Rap with Rock, Classical and contemporary sounds make him a unique, eclectic and exiting artist. In his recent interview on, he talks about his inspirations saying– “Life and its experiences are always a good place to start – I’m always inspired by my hopes, aspirations, down-times and most importantly the TRUTH I see in God’s Word. I could be watching the news, listening to a message in church, or in traffic and it just hits me – inspiration, that is… I just try to channel all this into writings that the listener can relate to”.  In his words – “I am a Sold Out, Die Hard, Christ-a-holic who strives to through my music, show that young people can be “Saved, Proud and Loud about it – and still have clean fun”.  This funny, funky, hunky, fun-loving dude, is a true example that you can have both “Faith” undiluted and still be ‘Phresh’ at the same time.

Currently working on tying-up his album with top producers like Jeremiah Gyang, Cobhams, XO, Tim King;-the album promises to be both uplifting and entertaining.

Haven performed alongside top shelf artistes like Rooftop MCs, BOUQUI, Cobhams, KORE, MidNite Crew, Jeremaiah Gyang and Eben to mention a ‘few’, Ambassage definitely is, an artist headed for the spotlight.




  1. wow… really nice stuff from this ambasage guy…luv this Showcase trak feat. K’ore…realy phresh lines here…and to think i thought i couldnt like Gospel rap…thumbs ups!!

  2. uum…this guy is NIGERIAN? im hearin and loving all tracks there an album or have to admit folks.this is tyte flows and serios WORD content. guy hit download now now. yadamag has won this ambassage another Fan oo. i salute sir

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