Choose one; it can never be both.


Before embarking on a journey, the route to be taken is always decided. So it is with life. You must have a direction towards EVERYTHING you do. This was the same with Jesus. Before He came down to earth, He had known everything He wanted to accomplish and He worked towards it to the letter. In John 7:4, Jesus’ disciples tried to help Him sort His ministry out with mere intellect and rule of life, but He knew they didn’t really know the reason and purpose for His coming. ‘No one who intends to be publicly known does everything behind the scenes’ (John 7:4 MSG). They thought He came to showcase a gift The Father had given Him! They thought He was seeing visions and strange things. They may have seen Him perform miracles, but they didn’t believe in Him as John 7:5 made us realise. People thought He was mad when He called Jehovah His Father.


Whether she meant it or not, Nigerian gospel rap artiste Bouqui once said in the 13th track of her ‘Redefinition’ album, “Lord create in me a squeaker clean heart; I’m not in this for fame; I knew it from the start…” That sounds like a more focused life. I remember her starting off as one of the very few first gospel rap artistes and it was real hell for her as she went on, with people criticising her songs and all. But she knew where she was going and kept on moving. Now, she’s much better and even more recognised than before. It’s just the same with Jesus’ ministry. He came to do a specific primary thing and it is given in John 10:10 (MSG): ‘I came so they can have real and eternal life, more and better life than they ever dreamed of.’ That is it! He didn’t come so that He will be able to show God’s wonders. He didn’t come to convince anyone of anything. He came to give life! He came to give the life we once lost through Adam and Eve. He had a purpose!


Many people see some celebrities in the media and crave for their splendour. They just enjoy the pomp, the frills and thrills; the red-carpets and the attention. All those are attention. Attention seeks that people take note of them. A life of impact is what we are meant to live; impact fuelled by purpose. Attention is self-serving, while impact is ‘others-serving’. Only if we realise that we don’t live for ourselves, we won’t be selfish and care less about the person sitting next to us. As far as we are newly born in Jesus, we are meant to adopt His lifestyle: serving others like He did.


The only way to lead a life of impact is to think less of yourself.


This article was written by Emmanuel Adejuwonlo Tugbiyele

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