2 Cor 1:3-4

A problem shared is problem half solved.

Ronke just lost her dad. He was her best friend, her confidant, her playmate and her counselor. As much as they could, they did everything together. Ronke discussed her every decision wither father from her choice in clothes, friends and even boys. Her father also trusted her advice and intuition sometimes following her advice over even that of her mother, his wife. Unfortunately, one fateful night as he was returning from work, he was involved in a car accident that immediately took his life. Ronke’s family has buried his body and everyone seems to be moving on or trying to cope with the death but not Ronke. Even though people say she is not the first to lose a father, it does not anything to lessen the pain.

She needs your help. Ronke blames God and everybody for her father’s death, she refuses to go to school, eat or even talk with anyone. Help Ronke get through this by sharing your experiences and comments. If any, Please send an email to yadamag@gmail.com or harryitie@gmail.com. The subject of the email should be “share it”

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