The anticipation for this video has been quite high. Some months back, the admin of Gospel City Naija (a gospel entertainment outfit) put out word about launching an exclusive platform that would support urban gospel entertainment across Africa and the globe.
This was formally kicked off with the shooting  of a cypha video from their stables. The said episode is the first and will spread across to other cities in Nigeria and around Africa.
According to the Chief Admin Executive of Gospel City Naija, Mr. Philip Asuquo, the episode is one amongst the many to come.

” Bless Tha Mic is a lifestyle, its a movement, its a consciousness and support frame work for urban gospel entertainment. The platform has membership across Africa and we are really encouraged by the response so far.
” Today, we are releasing the very first project from BTM and its a cypher video that was expertly produced in Nigeria by our crew. Already, rappers in other cities are asking for us to come and do same for them and we have a couple of other activities lined up. In the meantime, let’s view this episode and anticipate more from the platform”
Bless Tha Mic Kick Off Cypha was held in Port Harcourt and featured the city’s most visible gospel rappers, D.O.P.E, J.BURST, GOLDBERG and a guest appearance by EDDYJAY of Gospel City Radio.

 Watch the video

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