The first time they saw Muki was during the drought.. One cold September morning. They had gathered at the waterhole to slake their thirst.. Nostrils flaring at the scent of water.. Throats parched from thirst. The master had led ko them here through the wilderness.. A journey that seemed endless.. Water mirages had taunted them all day flashing empty promises that never materialized. His voice had been their compass..steering them along until finally he had led them here.. and as they lapped from the stream.. Muki appeared!

He was a fine beast.. A superb specimen as far as goats go.. Snow white fur like fluffy clouds.. His beard silky..firm forelegs and hindlegs.. His muscled body rippled as he sauntered forward and stopped.. A murmur spread through the herd.. This was Muki! The outcast! Why was he here?  The older goats quickly formed a ring of protection around the kids who gaped in open admiration.. So this was Muki.. The subject of countless horror stories.. The stuff nightmares were made of! Well, he sure looked different from what they had expected..

Muki trotted to the edge of the water and lapped water as they watched. When he was done, he raised his magnificent head and gazed steadily at the herd. Some shuddered in terror and avoided his gaze.. others however dared to look into his eyes and were drawn into its fathomless depths.. His eyes.. They spoke of dark things.. forbidden pleasures.. Unrestrained cavorting and revelry.. those eyes uncovered your wildest fantasies and promised their fulfillment.. “Come!” They beckoned  “The good place awaits you”

The voice of the master leading the goats away from the water broke the spell.. Muki smiled knowingly and trotted off as they watched him disappear into the mist.. Head high.. Tail waving like a proud flag. The herd chatted excitedly for hours about the whole experience until as is the manner of goats, they forgot and soon resumed the business of searching for the next meal..

Except for a young goat named Ziga..he cudnt forget..Muki had sunk his poisoned hooves into him and he was hooked.. Hung up on promises of lush greenery and wildlife..It was only a matter of time before Ziga began to withdraw from the herd.. Choosing not to participate in their usual activities.. He became surly and evasive .He picked fights with his superiors until everyone avoided him. Meanwhile the master observed him with growing concern.He could read the he kept a watchful eye on the kid.

However, one day Ziga turned up missing. He hadn’t returned with the rest of the herd. A search party had been mounted but they returned empty-handed.. and bearing worrying news. They had tracked Ziga’s hoof prints to the boundary of their settlement where it had continued onward into forbidden territory.. The meaning was obvious.. Ziga had crossed over.. Muki had gotten himself another apprentice..

To their surprise, the next day the master brought them together and informed them he would be going on a little trip..leaving them in the care of Fiji, the German Shepherd. He assured them he would be back and set off..He was gone a long time..Then one day he returned..They saw him from afar and bleated with joy..He was carrying something on his shoulder.. Goodness! It was Ziga.. or what was left of him.. A limping mangled creature with sunken haunches, trembling limbs and weak eyes..

Ziga had learnt that the Good Place wasn’t that good afterall and that the forbidden fruit left a bitter taste in your mouth. Muki had been a terrible master who had stolen his strength, his vigour and potential leaving him a bruised, battered wreck.  He had barely escaped from Muki’s clutches and had wandered the wastelands, too ashamed to come home..Cold and lonley..But the Master had found him.. So Ziga swallowed his pride and agreed to return home.. No creature should have to carry its sins on its own shoulders forever.. Afterall, even goats get lonely too.. Don’t they?

“A bruised reed He will not break, and a faintly burning wick He will not quench..A broken and contrite Spirit He will not turn away”
Isaiah 42:3,Psalm 51:17


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