We first heard of the amazing Canden Webb when she did the “Generation Ex’ piece for P4CM. Now, she is one of our favorite Spoken Word artist, contributing the piece “God’s Chosen’ for YadaMag’s debut compilation album (that can be downloaded here). In this interview with Harry Itie, she talks about God’s Chosen, her upcoming project and her plans for the future. Enjoy the interview



YADA: Your Spoken Word piece “God’s Chosen” featured on The YadaMag Music Project is an instant favourite to Spoken Word lovers. What inspired the piece?

CANDEN: I am glad that the Yada Readers liked the piece. J I think the main thing that inspired the piece was the realization that people do not always know about your personal relationship with God. They are not there when you’re crying, praying, questioning, and having intimate time with Him. As you know, I perform spoken word pieces quite often so I think people have gotten sort of a glimpse of my spiritual life and beliefs in that regard but many people are not in the spotlight very much at all so you never know what their private spiritual life is like. You may see them and think one thing when only God knows their heart towards Him. There is power in that realization and I tried to portray that power in “God’s Chosen”- how He uses His people both subtly and overtly.


YADA: We first heard of you when you did the “Generation Ex” piece for P4Cm. Can you tell us a little bit about that?

CANDEN: Well while I was back home in La for the summer a couple of years ago, I had the pleasure of getting more acquainted with P4CM on a personal level. I met Pastor Justin Cox and had begun to build a relationship with many of the other members there. I was already somewhat hip to the movement through my friends, Prophet and Blair, and knew of the awesome T-shirt ministry God had given them. Naturally, hanging out with them I saw the Ex-shirts frequently. Then one morning just a couple of weeks after hanging with the P4CM family, I woke up with this poem “Generation Ex.” It was kind of weird. I had no intention of writing a poem to conceptualize a part of their ministry that was already well established. And I really didn’t read too much into it at the time. But once I spit it for Blair, she wanted Pastor Cox to hear it and then it kind of just impacted from there.



YADA: Are you still involved with the ministry?

CANDEN: I am not directly involved with the ministry. Being that I am in DC and have such a hectic schedule, I have lost touch with a lot that has gone on there. However, I still keep in touch with some of the members through Facebook and via phone and consider myself a permanent part of the P4CM family.


YADA: What inspires you to do poetry?

CANDEN: What doesn’t inspire me to do poetry? I’d have to say just life in general. Our lives contain so many stories. That is what the bible is… a bunch of stories- living stories- the truth in stories, proverbs, and accounts. And that is what I wanted to give people- my story. My story just happens to be easier for me to tell as a poem.



YADA: What is your creative process like?

CANDEN: I really do not have much of a creative process. I just write when I feel like writing. I am most creative after I go to a poetry venue and hear other poets spit. There is something about hearing other people’s words that always triggers something I had wanted to write about. Reading Proverbs or Psalms is a guaranteed writing trigger as well. And let’s not forget passion. There is nothing like an intense emotional trial that infuriates or saddens a poet to get their pen moving. Once I get a concept in my head, I just find a quiet place and write. I try to write alone because people can be very distracting at times. And when I can’t figure out how I want to say something, I pray and come back to it when God gives me something new.


YADA: Are you going to release an anthology of your work or a mixtape?

CANDEN: Yes, I plan to release a poetry anthology in 2013.  The anthology will hopefully be accompanied by my first CD of poems. It’s an exciting time of preparation and planning for me right now.



YADA: What other projects are you involved in?

CANDEN: I am involved in a great groundbreaking ministry called Worth the Wait Revolution. Worth the Wait was started by Dr. Lindsay Marsh-Warren to empower people all over the world to fulfil their God given purposes and to promote sexual purity and abstinence. If you would like to know more about this organization you can visit the website at www.iamworththewait.com.


YADA: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

CANDEN: On a stage. In a book. In the presence of the Lord and His people. That’s all I got (laughs). God will hash out the details.



YADA: Do you plan to visit Nigeria soon?

CANDEN: Soon? No. Eventually? Yes. I would love to go to Nigeria but God hasn’t called me there yet. I have hope that one day He will. J


YADA: A final word to our readers.

CANDEN: Follow me on twitter (@candencwebb). Say hi to me on facebook (www.facebook.com/candengodschosen). Stay tuned for the greatness that is mine and your future!




Current songs on your playlist— Anything Lauryn Hill and Israel Houghton

Last movie you saw— Colombiana

TV series you are hooked on now— Sunday Best

Favourite Bible Verse

And let us not grow weary while doing good, for in due season we shall reap if we do not lose heart.

Last book you read— Sex God, by Rob Bell

Favourite pastime— Singing



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