Having been surrounded by Christian gospel music all his life, Anthony Evans has grown up singing in the choir of his dad’s church. He has since moved up in the Christian music industry, having toured worldwide as Grammy-winner Kirk Franklin’s backup singer and then becoming a full fledged artist in his own right.  In this interview with Harry Itie he talks about his music, Christina Aguilera and his plans for the future.


YADA: You were an outstanding performer on The Voice. How was the experience?

ANTHONY: My experience on “The Voice” was nothing less than amazing.  I am able to take what I learned on the show and implement it into what I do on a daily basis.


YADA: What was it like working with Christina Aguilera?

ANTHONY: Christina has a beautiful heart and has been more than gracious even after the show. She continues to keep up with me even after the show.  Her advice that she gave me has literally altered and enhanced the direction of my career.



YADA: When did you decide that you were going to participate in the competition?

ANTHONY: I decided when Jeremy Camp and my drummer Chris came and sat in my living room, and they challenged me to do something different. That was about a year ago.


YADA: How did your family take it initially?

ANTHONY: My family said that as long as you don’t compromise your faith, you go have a good time.


YADA: What is your creative process like?

ANTHONY: The creative process could start with a conversation with a friend, a sermon, or from within.  The root is always being honest with your emotions.



YADA: What are your plans now that The Voice is over?

ANTHONY: My plan is continue to do what I have been doing for 10 years, which is leading worship all over the world and continuing to broaden my career with the opportunities that have been presented to me through the exposure while on “The Voice.” Right now, I am in the studio doing vocals on Cee Lo’s Christmas album, and this summer I will be doing the same on the hit show “Glee.”


YADA: Do you see yourself leaving the CCM community and breaking into mainstream music after this?

ANTHONY: No, I do not feel that you have to leave Christian music to do broader things. As Christians and as musicians, we should be making an impact in the world.


YADA: Max Lucado said, “Anthony Evans knows how to lead people into our Lord’s presence and step out of the way. Awesome voice. Top quality music. But, most of all, Christ-centered heart.” and when I saw it, I was overwhelmed. How did you feel when you heard that from him?

ANTHONY: I was honored that Max would say those things about me. He has been doing ministry for a long time and has heard thousands of worship leaders. Therefore, I do not take those words lightly.


YADA: Are there any non-music projects you are involved in?

ANTHONY: Not currently.


YADA: A final word for our readers.

ANTHONY: Thank you, I appreciate your support from across the world.





Current songs on your playlist

–          Tori Kelly’s: “Stained”

–          I listened to one album at a time, right now I’m listening to Handmade Songs by Tori Kelly

Favourite food

– Seafood

Book you last read

– “Kingdom Man” by my dad Dr. Tony Evans

Favourite bible verse

– Philippians 1:6

Favourite quote

– My mom told me this when I was 18:  “You can not run from yourself. “

Favourite pastime

– Riding horses



  1. I love this man’s heart. His chase after God reflects in his music and his life. When I heard he was on ‘The Voice’ earlier this year, I first thought he was there as a judge untill I heard he was a contestant and I was like ‘WHAT!’ But I wasn’t really surprised cause I knew he was there to represent the King of kings. He is a role model for this generation and his sister Priscilla Shirer is one powerhouse woman of God too.
    Go Yada! 🙂

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