It is usually said that first impressions counts a lot and that’s why we are usually advised to carry on some form of polite behavior in our day to day activities, our relationship with people and every other thing we do. In order to make things easier, here are few rules of behavior that will be helpful at the table for us especially while dining with people. These table manners refer to the forms of behavior required while eating and which will eventually make dining more pleasant for everyone involved. Although different cultures observe diverse rules for table manners, these rules offered below can be applied anywhere.

  • While dining, do not for any reason talk with your mouth full. You definitely do not want your fellow friends to complain of your saliva dripping.
  • Do not wolf down your food even though it’s clear that you are very hungry. You are not a carnivore neither are you a man-eater. So there’s no need being over-zealous at the table.
  • You should not start eating before your host does or instructs you to do so. At larger meals, it is considered okay to start eating once others have been served. Desist from this lest you be considered too eager to eat.
  • Do not pick your tooth at the table, instead request for a tooth pick. I mean it’s really disgusting especially when you even use your hand.
  • Ladies, (take note) do not apply any form of make-up at the table. You are meant to enjoy the companionship of the people there and not to contest for MBGN or Miss World.
  • If you are on diet, kindly keep it to yourself and not spilling it at the table, you surely do not want to scare people.
  • It is generally impolite to put elbows on the table, doing so creates a risk of tipping over bowls and cups causing panic. Please do abstain from this.
  • Chew with your mouth closed so that you make as little noise as possible. Try as much as possible to savor and enjoy the taste of food.
  • Say “Excuse me,” or “Excuse me, I’ll be right back,” before leaving the table. Do not state that you are going to the restroom. Refrain from making people feel nauseous by the mention of the word “rest room”.
  • Even though the conversation is really interesting and demands your opinion, never for any reason argue at the table and do not talk at an excessively loud volume, your companions are certainly within close reach and there’s actually no point for the raised voice.
  • Gentlemen, (take note) in a formal setting, it is required that you stand behind your chairs until the women are all seated before sitting down.
  • Even though you are so tired, please refrain from yawning or stretching at the table, this has a contagious effect and could turn people off.
  • Fine, we all know that blurbs and sneezes are spontaneous and could occur at any time, but please always have your napkins within reach and dab your mouth with them so as to avoid making a mess.

I hope you have a pleasant time while dining.

By Stella Emenike

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