The title of this article has been in my mind for a very long time. I can say it has been since I started University. It is something that you learn as you are growing older, as you mature and when you are aware of your environment…especially when Christ is in your life. “Don’t lead her on” basically refers to a situation where a man and woman have a relationship together but the man is not interested in the girl, but is making her feel he is…

It’s quite a complicated matter so I’m going to try and simplify it as much as I can, with the knowledge I have of it happening to a few people I know, and being in a similar situation myself. If you do not like someone, or you cannot see yourself with him or her in the future, it is best to end the relationship. I say this due to the knowledge I have that females are very emotional (or should I say handle their emotions differently?). Proceeding with a relationship that you are not into can be rather damaging, and making a girl think you like her by not being honest is just as bad. I have seen how torn apart it can make an individual, and some can even get depressed.

Let me give an example to clarify what I am trying to express. The girl is called A and the guy is called B. An attraction between A and B was evident in the initial stage of both of them first seeing each other and then getting to know themselves. A and B started hanging out, going places together, talking on the phone, etc., and eventually A developed feelings for B. Due to not knowing B, his feelings can’t be determined in this case. Anyway, B must have been interested in someone else the whole time him and A were getting to know each other, and ever since the other interest came into the picture all of a sudden, B slowly started to deviate away from A and A was heartbroken.

I could go on and on about this topic, but trying to keep this short will not allow me. What I would advise is that honesty is the best policy! This honesty is expressed through communication, and communication is rather easy with someone you genuinely like right? That is why it’s wise to just not jump into a relationship; get to know the person to a certain degree first at least! It can even be the other way round, the man being the victim and the lady being the guilty one, but still, you have to be honest with each other.



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