The fashion world is seeing a lot of changes and one designer that is taking the world by storm is Uche Iwuamadi. He goes for bold prints and a lot of colours, his designs are simply amazing. The name of his label is Rouch and for a chic fashionista, his number is one to have. I caught up with him today:


YADA Magazine: Hello Uche, How are you today?

Uche: I’m great thanks and you?

YADA Magazine: I’m great. I just can’t get over how fantastic your line is. What inspired you to become a designer?

Uche: Well, I’ve been making sketches ever since I can remember. I always knew it was something I would eventually do.

YADA Magazine: I must say your designs are fantastic. What inspired your first collection? I see alot of prints and colour?

Uche: Thank you.  For the menswear collection, I decided to do prints with solid colours. I’m a huge fan of black and I was playing off the contrasts.  I designed a line with intricate prints that still keeps it simple.  The ladies wear collection was inspired by my friends. Living in a University town for nearly 5 years, I observed what girls wore during summer. Prints have this playful nature which I love. I also drew inspiration from my mom when she was at university. When I saw her photo album from university I just knew what direction to take this collection. I’m not about trends, I’m about style

YADA Magazine: So what is your favourite piece from this collection?

Uche: Hmmn… I’d have to go with the first one that came to me: the Kaleidoscope dress. It opened the door for the others so to speak.


YADA Magazine: Thank you so much for your time Uche. I know you’re a busy man so thanks for the interview.

Our designer’s collection is available in Nigeria and his designs are hitting the runway as I write this article. Ladies, I believe that true talent should be supported and if it helps us look good too, even better. If you want any information on Uche’s designs or you want to order from the collection please call: 08164461888,08058072762 or email:


Have a great day,


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