Mattie Cominsky’s husband comes back home claiming to have met Jesus in person. Sincerely Mattie thinks he’s lost it. She backs her bag to get away from the madness of it all with the excuse of an out-of-town business trip with hopes to decide on what might be the outcome of their already tortured marriage. Mattie’s will never be the same again when she lands in between two strangers on her flight from Cincinnati to Tucson.
In this soon to be modern classic, author David Gregory tackles hard questions on life, love and faith in a very tender and simple way of a story.
Alongside the book sets us on a part to answer questions we can only answer via an experience.
What would you have to say to Jesus if you met Him?
In fact would you recognize Him if you ever met Him?
Not so fast. Come take a ride in Mattie shows as she spends a day with the perfect stranger.
You might be surprised at your answers to the questions at the end of it all.

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