Christian Newswire/ — What if you could provide a full meal for a hungry child every time you go out to eat? That’s the question award-winning filmmaker Sean Bloomfield asked himself after a film shoot in Rwanda.

“I remember the culture-shock of being in African villages full of children who didn’t have enough to eat, and then coming home and taking my family out to a local restaurant,” said Sean.

That’s when Sean decided to launch a social enterprise that would provide deals at restaurants while also feeding the hungry., his new start-up, is taking on the global challenge of hunger using a simple “buy one, give one” model similar to the one that helped make TOM’s Shoes a household brand.

In short, restaurants offer deals on, which are purchased by consumers for between 99-cents and $2.99. A typical deal would be a “buy one meal, get one free” offer. Every time someone buys a Meal Deal, a hungry child gets fed through Mary’s Meals, the charity that supports.

Mary’s Meals feeds over 900,000 hungry children in schools every day, ensuring that children receive an education as well as food. also donates a portion of every deal sold to a food bank in the vicinity of each participating restaurant, ensuring that local communities also benefit from the site.

“Every person who uses a Meal Deal will do so knowing that a child in need is also getting a free meal,” said Sean. “I’m hoping that MealDeals will inspire more people to give back in other ways as well.”

After nearly two years of planning and programming, is now live. The site recently launched in the Orlando/Space Coast area of Florida and is gearing up for its national launch. The company has also started an Indiegogo campaign to help fund its marketing and expansion efforts.

“With my last film, The Triumph, we used IndieGoGo to raise more than enough money for the film to be an international success,” said Sean. “I’m hoping and praying that our crowdfunding campaign for will give us the same kind of exposure and funding. The bigger we get, the more we help.”

Learn more about and follow their crowdfunding campaign at:

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