Carrot Trousers are currently one of the hottest trends for menswear this year. Many ‘fashionistos’, and celebrities have been spotted rocking a pair, which has increased it’s popularity in the fashion world. Designers like House of Holland, Topshop, Bench and many more, have showcased these trousers on their runways. 

In description, these are trousers that have the length from the waist to the crotch larger than the average fit (normal trousers/jeans). The ankle section is small, giving you a smaller fitting towards the foot. Basically, it takes the shape of a carrot.  They are similar to harem jeans/trousers, which are also available for men.   These go nicely with shirts, t shirts, etc, and they have the ability to give an ‘edge’ or ‘umphh’ to your outfit.

Regarding the kind of shoes to wear with them, it depends on what ‘look’ your going for e.g. formal look, sporty look, casual, etc. They can be worn with trainers, plimsolls, boat shoes, boots, sandals, etc. You name it. Just like any other pair of trousers, they come in loose fit, skinny fit, slim fit, and straight fit, but do not come in bootcut.

This article was compiled by Rotimi Ariwoola

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