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We were first given a taste with Kiss, now it’s Burn and I think these two should keep writing together. I remember talking to a friend a day after I finished reading burn and I was narrating the tale. I could remember him replying with a shrug saying ‘ you can’t be serious, is that a book or a movie’. It’s a book but guys, with the Ted Dekker vintage style of taking you into a cinema of your own. Burn does it even more better with strong spiritual themes of dying to self.

Meet Janael Mikkado. A young gypsy girl tired of the life she has always known. She longs for a world beyond her small world but is she ready to pay the price? And what would she do when she sees a past she thinks she had burnt up in a fire rise up from the ashes.

Meet Robert. A lover of two who isn’t so sure. To what extent would he go to unravel the settled ashes of a past burnt up in flames.

Meet Katie. A beauty who was burnt in the fire and became . . . Even more beautiful. Yes more beautiful.

Meet Mrs Markovic. Call her a witch, call her a seer, call her an angel sent by God. She’s the mysterious voice of wisdom we see as the story unfolds but know next to nothing about till the end of the novel.

Meet Salazar Sanzo. The man who started started the fire. Did I say man. He might be the devil you want dead by the end of the tale.

Meet Burn. Ted Dekker and former award winning Editor, Erin Healy’s sophomore project. Filled with twists and turns and a lesson that would still keep resonating after the fire has been quenched. This is more than your everyday thriller. This could change your life forever.

Are you on the way to the book store already. Go get ‘Burn’ baby!

Reviewed by Ayomide Akinkugbe

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