In the midst of the current fashion week for the fall/winter 2011’12 menswear, there have been similar trends spotted in the collection of various designers that have showcased their stuff. Last week on Yada, a trend a designer (Dolce &Gabbana) was focused on which was that of the use of braces. Another trend that has been noticed, this time amongst various designers, is the use of bright colours. This trend may be familiar to some of those who are familiar with the whole ‘skinny jeans – skateboarder look’ era that artists such as New Boyz showcased; wearing bright coloured skinny jeans with bright colour t shirts, checkered shirts, etc. Now it has entered the world of high fashion but in a more ‘stylish way’.

This fashion week has revealed designers applying bright colours (e.g. orange, green, blue, etc) not only to t shirts and shirts, but also to bolder clothing items like trousers, jackets and suits (top and bottom). These designers range from Jil Sanders, Dolce &Gabbana, Kenzo, Raf Simons, etc. Some of them have added a bright coloured clothing item or two against neutral colours like black and grey, while some designers have just had fun and mixed different bright colours all in one outfit.

Wearing bright colours may not be for everyone, but it definitely is a fun thing to do. Apart from the attention it may attract, an individual who wears bright colours is a pretty confident individual, and since we should be confident in who God has created us to be, why don’t we try this trend and rock it hard! This is your chance to get away with ‘colour riot’, but please still be stylish.

Source: Jeremy Dante

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